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            Back when I was running the construction company, a family contacted me to bid on a complete renovation of their multi-family property in Ojai, CA. The structures were in shambles, needing everything; structural components, a new roof, new sewage lines, new elecrical, new HVAC, new water lines, insulation, interior sheetrock, exterior siding, garage conversion, etc... everything! And they had a limited budget. We both quickly realized they weren't going to have enough to cover the expenses and so they asked me if I could think up a type of partnership that would make it worth while for me personally to take over management of the rehabilitation as well as the future rentals. After agreeing to split both the costs of renovation as well as the income the rentals would bring in after the completion of those renovations, I created plans and got permits. Six months later I finished and found some awesome renters! 

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